Benefits of Hiring Professional Dry Cleaners

Today, we are leading a hectic life and have become too busy to perform household chores. This is where professional dry cleaning services come in handy.  They clean your clothes and deliver them to your doorstep. Besides saving you time, there are several other benefits associated with using expert laundry services.

Time Saving:

Dry cleaning services ensure that your work is completed on time. You will never have to spend your valuable time in cleaning your textiles. Rather, you can spend time with your family or focus on some other important things. Besides washing, the professionals also provide folding and pressing services for a fraction of cost. This lets you save more time and concentrate on other works.

Less Abrasive on Special Clothes:

There are some fabrics that are more delicate and can’t be washed using conventional methods. Washing special clothes with ordinary detergent and water can be abrasive on your clothing. However, the dry cleaning experts use only quality washing liquids that will be gentle on your delicate fabric.

Pickup and Delivery:

One of the most excited things about laundry service is that they pick up your clothes and deliver them directly at your doorstep at free of cost. This alleviates the need for traveling to the dry cleaning company to get back your clothes.


Laundry service provides a lot of convenience, especially for people who are besieged with work. This service is also ideal for large homes with several kids. Moreover, the dry cleaners are available on a regular basis and you can approach them whenever you need their assistance.

Stain Removal:

Kids clothing are highly prone to dirt and tough stains. Removing these stains requires special washing detergents and expertise. The dry cleaning service uses appropriate cleaning liquids to remove the stains from clothes, carpets and curtains. Moreover, they are aware of different washing methods and employ the appropriate way to get rid of the stains.

Soap and Suds offers a complete range of dry cleaning services to its customers in Melbourne and nearby suburbs. In addition, we also provide shoe repair, mending & alterations, ironing, folding & pressing services at competitive prices. All our services are tailored to meet the needs of the individuals and businesses of all sizes. Simply give us a call on 1300 765 786 to know about our offerings.

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