Soap N Suds – Dry Cleaning Service Offered by Us

Dry cleaning is a special type of laundry service that involves cleaning clothes which are not suitable for regular washing. Clothing made from delicate fabrics and garments such as suits and coat are not fit for hand washing, but can be subjected to dry cleaning.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning involves the process of using specialised cleaning agents to remove dirt and stains from delicate clothing. The garments are placed into a machine with a rotating drum to which the solvents are added. When the machine starts, the solvent dissolves and remove stains from the fabrics. After rinsing with the solvent, the clothes will be spun with warm water and then dried to remove the remaining solvent. After ironing and folding, the professionals will deliver the clothes back to you.

The services offered by dry cleaners are not just limited to cleaning the clothes only. There are a few other services offered by professional dry cleaners.

Repair and maintenance:

Besides cleaning, dry cleaners in Richmond also handle repair and maintenance of delicate clothing materials. They will fix wear and tear from daily usage and improper functioning of the components present in the fabric. Stitching up tears, patching up the holes and replacing buttons & zippers are a few works undertaken by the dry cleaners.

Clothing alterations:

The dry cleaning company also provides mending and alternations according to your needs. Alterations are usually done to tailor the clothes to ensure a perfect fit for the wearer. Common alteration services include shaping the waists, bordering of pants, shortening the sleeves, reducing the length of your attire, etc.

Shoe Repair:

Shoe repair is another remarkable service that can be received from most of the dry cleaning companies. Shoes can be re-soled and re-heeled to give them a fresh look. Even damaged shoes can also be re-stitched to their very best.

At Soap N Suds, we treat every item as if it were our own. Whether you have casual wear, dresses, shirts, suits or your cherished wedding dress, we will take care of your clothes and handle those laundry chores efficiently. Our laundry service will wash, press and fold all of your items and deliver them back to you in pristine condition.

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